Pain, Strain & Injury

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is primarily concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of aches, pains, stiffness and weakness anywhere in the body. It covers a wide range of conditions of which some, but not all, include:

  • Low back pain - slipped discs
  • Shoulder pain and frozen shoulder
  • Tennis/Golfers elbow
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation - Joint replacements, keyhole surgery, back/neck surgery, ligament/tendon repairs, foot/hand surgery
  • Arthritis (rheumatoid/osteoarthritis)
  • Muscle and ligament strains/sprains and tears
  • Tendon injuries - Achilles/patella tendonitis
  • Tension headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Chronic (long term) pain anywhere in the body
  • Trapped nerves - Sciatica
  • Rehabilitation following broken bones treated with a cast or surgery

In addition to spending time listening to each patient’s history of their symptoms, we perform numerous diagnostic tests to determine which structure/s and part/s of the body is causing the problem. Then, according to which structures have been damaged or are at fault, we may use different treatment techniques to reduce pain, and increase flexibility and strength. We will then advise as to what activities to do or to avoid in order to help alleviate your symptoms.

The principal focus of treatment is on restoring normal, pain-free movement, (or in certain conditions self-management of your symptoms), and addressing any beliefs or concerns you have about your diagnosis. It is always important to try to treat the underlying cause to prevent recurrence of the problem.

If you would like any further information or to book an appointment then please do not hesitate to contact us.