Online Physiotherapy

Many people need or would prefer to stay at home during these unprecedented times. This need not stop you from getting treatment when you need it. Our Physiotherapists are able to offer specialist help via video chat to diagnose, treat and self-manage a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions from the comfort of your own home.

What to expect from our online consultations?

We can offer either video consultations (in a variety of mediums), or just a telephone call if you prefer. Your Physiotherapist will take a history and ask about the symptoms of your problem. During a video consultation you may be asked to perform certain movements or tasks so they can assess the quality and amount of movement or strength you have, along with a biomechanical assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms.

Once the therapist has established a cause for your problem, a treatment program can be implemented. This can incorporate exercises, postural re-education and advice on self-management which can be sent to you electronically for future reference.

Injuries can vary in severity and can heal at different rates. Your personalised treatment program has to be adjusted and progressed according to how your injury responds to treatment. This allows an optimal outcome to be achieved and reduces the time it takes to recover. This will all be monitored individually by your Physio.

Online consultations will be of benefit to you if you:

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